Floradar is a flowers delivery startup. The unique selling proposal is the simplicity of choice: offered bouquets have two fixed prices and these prices are not depending on delivery destination. Designed at Rocketfirm in 2017.

The goal was to build the prototype of the online store. Our team was working directly with the startup owner, collecting requirements, iterating on the design. The challenge was to display each bouquet in a unique way, as if it has its own character. I was a lead designer on this project. That included communicating with the startup owner directly, discussing requirements, presenting sketches and mockups, processing feedback. Also I’ve coordinated the work of other designers who were responsible for illustrations.

User lands directly to the catalogue:

There were two kinds of products: simple and deluxe bouquets. Deluxe bouquets are bigger, fancier and more expensive, so they are also displayed larger on the page. For user to understand better how the bouquet will look like, two photos are shown: one is taken from side and one from above.

When a user is exploring a particular bouquet the ability to checkout is available at any moment — the checkout section is sticked while scrolling.