NE.FM is the first online radio made in Kazakhstan for local DJs. Designed for Rocketfirm

The goal of the project was to redesign the existing application to fit business needs and improve user experience. One business need was to increase the number of listeners. The idea of stakeholders was to build-in the gamification mechanism to the website, so that listeners could compete for prizes. For example, the one who has listened to the radio more than others could get a bluetooth speaker or another device.

Another reason to redesign is to keep users focused on the main thing on the website — the radio player. The task was to make it prominent, catchy and easy to use.

My responsiblity was to find the visual style for the new app. The wireframing part was done before I joined the project. I have made a research on the look-and-feel, and worked closely with the art-director. After a few iterations we came up with the dark neon style.

Highlighting the player and contests, which are part of gamification, on the homepage:

Highlighting the gamification system for a user. The more one listens to the radio, the more chances she gets to win some prize. Users can track their achievements in the profile:

DJs can upload sets for users to listen, discuss and download it: