T—J Salary Calculator


Designed a salary calculator for T—J that tells how much money one should earn in order to relocate comfortably between cities in Russia considering the variations in the standard of living.

My role

Formulated the assumptions the calculation method is based on, major contributor to the calculation method design. Designed and documented the user flows, assited with testing of the final product.


  • Income or salary = expenditures + savings.
  • People would usually know how much they earn and save, but are less likely to know how much they spend.
  • After relocation, people would like to save the same amount of money as before or start saving more.
  • Rent is a huge part of expenditures but optional: some people would buy a property after relocation or may already have one.
  • The level of income influences the spending pattern: people with high income spend more on transport and entertainment whereas people with low income spend most of their money on food and clothes, i.e. essentials.

Price comparison

Apart from the salary, the calculator shows the prices comparison for basic foods, outlets, fuel, rent and entertainment to help users understand how different the prices are in the city of destination:

Thanks to Stas and the T—J team for this nice opportunity.